A touching story of a broken kitten who is a living miracle now…

This terrible tale began when animal lovers rescued a kitten who had been severely tortured and had lost all movement in his back legs due to serious nerve damage caused by the abuse. She was terrified, trembling constantly, agitated, hungry, and suffering from terrible conjunctivitis.

Tegan and Kyleigh, two wonderful women, rescued her. They worked valiantly with very limited means to save the little kitten because the nearest vet or supermarket was an 8-hour journey away. Her rescuers grew fond of her and began to look after her.

A miracle occurred, and the kitten miraculously began to grow stronger. She astounded everyone she met with her extraordinary strength, which she demonstrated by exploring the world solely with her upper body.

Monkey recently arrived in Perth, where she met Lyn, her adopted mother. She had Bowen and red light therapy on a daily basis. Her progress has been astounding with some regular exercise.

She’s turned into quite the friend, following her adoptive mother around wherever she goes. Monkey the cat is now safe and sound.

Watch Monkey’s touching story here:

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A touching story of a broken kitten who is a living miracle now…
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