Cats who have no concept of personal space… Check out the hilarious photos for some laugh…

Some people believe cats are cold, aloof, and unconcerned about us. That humans are nothing more than personal servants to them.

All cat parents, on the other hand, know that this isn’t the case. They certainly regard us as personal servants, but they’re also a lot more affectionate than most people realize.

Perhaps a little too loving.

Our feline furbabies may pretend from time to time that they’re all about independence and that they’re too cool to worship us like the doggos, but it’s difficult to believe them when they spend so much of their time stuck to our heels (or, more accurately, plastered over our faces).
As a result, anyone who has ever met or loved a cat will be able to relate to these amusing, adorable, and ridiculous examples of cats exhibiting their complete disrespect for personal space.

1. We’re all on the same team.

2. You don’t have to look anywhere else than at me.

3. So, what are we reading these days?

4. What are you doing in the bathroom, anyway? Hello!?

5. No, there’s no such thing as “privacy” anyplace.

6. This is far superior to a cushion.

7. What exactly are you doing beneath the rainmaker?

8. During the daughter’s virtual courses, the cat enjoys showing her skills.

9. Hey, you locked me out of the bathroom by accident!

10. What are you doing in this place?

11. I enjoy spending quality time with my partner.

12. There are two of me now. Congratulations.

13. My girlfriend wanted to record how our cat behaves while she works from home…

14. Ziggy Stardust isn’t concerned about personal space or privacy.

15. Would you like to hang out or… Do you want to get together?

16. I couldn’t care less about your “personal space.”

17. I’m in desperate need of a belly rub, right now, right meow!

18. Pay attention to me.

19. Oh, what a lovely hammock.

20. Parkour in the bathroom!

21. Mommy, I’ll write that for you.

22. I know you wouldn’t be able to do it without my assistance.

23. Neither could you.

24. Do you need to go to the bathroom? So, you’d better ask politely.

25. More snuggling and less studying!

26. I was attempting to photograph my child falling asleep. As a result, we have the best photo our cat has ever shot.

27. It’s time to go on a road trip.

28. How am I making you feel uneasy?

29. I’ve made a terrible error.

30. Is everything in the bath going well? Have you started to unwind yet?

31. So you don’t drown, I’ll scream the entire time you’re in there.

32. I’m always available to help you. Always.

33. Nothing compares to a relaxing bath in the tub.

34. Having a kitten, I suppose, spells the end of personal space.

35. Take a look at me. Please understand that I adore you. I. LOVE. YOU.

36. A soothing morning ritual.

37. Instead, take a look at me.

38. What exactly do you mean when you say you “can’t see anything”?

39. Can I persuade you to take a clean towel?

40. You won’t need to wear a hat because I’ll keep you warm.

41. I, too, am a gamer.

42. You forgot to bring us along.

43. We’ll keep an eye on you if you insist on washing.

44. There’s nothing like having a restroom audience to say “me time.”

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Cats who have no concept of personal space… Check out the hilarious photos for some laugh…
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