A two-day-old kitten is saved by a rescue puppy from being eaten alive …

A rescue dog Opie was outside his house with his human mother when he heard a two-day-old kitten mewling. He was being eaten alive by maggots under a log, having been abandoned by his mother. He was rescued and given the name Roscoe; he and Opie are now great friends.

“He was discovered in the field behind our apartment building by my puppy Opie. He was trapped behind a log, surrounded by maggots.

“Opie wouldn’t leave him, and before you knew it, we got a kitten,” the woman explained. “I’m going to take a chance and claim her name is Lia.”

He was bathed and taken to an emergency veterinarian for treatment. He was then sent to his new home, where he recovered and continued to develop normally. He needed to be syringe fed and kept warm in his nesting box.

After each feeding, he enjoyed being cuddled. He opened one eye at the age of ten days and the other a few days later.

He began to spend less time in his nesting box and more time playing with his toys outside of it. He rapidly learned how to get out of his playpen, just like any other child. And he and his savior became good friends.

Roscoe and Opie spend a lot of time playing and cuddling together. Roscoe has made other pals as too, but Opie will always be his favorite.

Watch their lovely video here:

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A two-day-old kitten is saved by a rescue puppy from being eaten alive …
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