This scared cat mom protected her kittens in the backyard, but was also afraid of people to rescue them…

While living as strays in the Bronx, New York City, a loving mama cat was doing her best to keep her four kittens safe.

The stray was determined to keep her offspring safe despite their unstable and dangerous living situation.

She was anxious and desperate for rescue, guarding them in a filthy garden.

Fortunately, a rescue organization came to her help and forever transformed her and her children’s life.

Little Wanderers NYC is a New York City-based rescue organization dedicated to rescuing “the neediest cats in the roughest sections of the city.”

When they heard of a mother cat in the Bronx with four kittens, they knew they had to save her and her cubs.

Ariana, a Tiny Wanderers volunteer, stepped into action right away and proceeded to get the little family to safety.

Ariana finally found the stray after several hours of combing the neighborhood where they’d been seen.

Unfortunately, the mama was terrified of strangers and bolted before Ariana could reach her.

Ariana was relieved to have found and rescued all of the kittens, but she realized she needed to save their mother as well.

She’d fought so hard to protect her children, but she deserved to be protected and cared for as well.

Ariana set a secure, humane trap for the stray before leaving the area to fetch the kittens to safety, with the goal of returning the next morning and maybe saving her.

She returned the next morning to discover the stray safe and sound inside the trap.

She brought the stray with her, eager to reunite her with her babies, who had been lovingly cared for by Antionette, another rescue volunteer.

Antionette had taken the kittens home with her and ensured that they were clean, flea-free, fed, and comfortable.

Despite having lived on the streets, the kittens were healthy and active, and they enjoyed exploring their new foster home.

The mama cat was hesitant to trust the humans who rescued her, but she was happy to see her kittens again.

The kittens ran up to their mother’s side, overjoyed to see her.

The stray was given the name Remony, and she gradually became more at ease among humans, but it took some time.

In an interview with Love Meow, Antoinette noted, “I know she feels comfortable from her body language, but she is going to require more time to get adjusted to people.”

Savannah, Sterling, Sutton, and Silas are the kittens’ names, and they’re having a great time in their new home.

Remony and her kittens are now prospering and having a great time in foster care. The kittens are becoming bigger and more daring by the day.

They like exploring and playing, and the small family now has all they require to be safe and content.

Remony can finally unwind, knowing that her kittens are safe, and the kittens are overjoyed to be reunited with their adoring mother.

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This scared cat mom protected her kittens in the backyard, but was also afraid of people to rescue them…
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