This is a story of a cat who fell from a high rise building and got severe injuries, but is still brave…

Shea, a 10-month-old domestic short-haired cat, fell from a high-rise building in Manhattan, New York, in late February and sustained significant life-altering injuries.

Fortunately, he was discovered on the street by a passerby who simply felt compelled to assist the injured animal and took him to the ASPCA Animal Hospital in NYC.

Unfortunately, these kinds of injuries are all too common among cat owners, leading to the coining of the term “high rise syndrome” to characterize the phenomena of cats falling from high-height buildings.

Shea had a split palate, a broken lower jaw, and a fractured hind limb, as well as a head injury that was treated right away with fluids and a feeding tube by hospital professionals. The cat appeared to be determined to recover, and by the next day, he had shown signs of progress and had become significantly stronger.

However, his hind leg continued to bother him and didn’t appear to be healing, so veterinarians concluded that amputation would be the best option, and they were proven correct. Dr. Delfino, the veterinarian who worked with Shea, said,

“He got back on his feet, used the litter box, and ate well.” It didn’t take him long to get used to walking on three legs.”

Shea was moved to the ASPCA Adoption Center as soon as he was fit enough to leave the hospital, where he was put up for adoption, and a few months later, in March, he grabbed the eye of Miranda Jackson, a young dancer living in Manhattan.

She was completely enchanted by the one-of-a-kind cat who refused to let his three legs hold him back, and she knew he was the cat for her. Jackson christened her new kitty companion ‘Ichiro’ after she took him home.

She went on to tell the ASPCA how the resilient cat has rapidly adjusted to his new life: “He couldn’t jump on my bed at first, but he worked hard and now jumps as high as the kitchen counter.”

Shea isn’t letting his injuries hold him back in the least, and he’s continuing to live his life to the fullest in his amazing forever home. Cats are prone to high-rise syndrome, which can result in deadly or life-altering injuries.

To prevent this from happening to your pet, make sure to put screens over any windows where he or she spends a lot of time, make sure all windows are securely sealed, and be as watchful as possible when the animal is near a window or balcony.

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This is a story of a cat who fell from a high rise building and got severe injuries, but is still brave…
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