The family adopted an “ugly” cat from a shelter, and he turned out to be…

They went ahead and adopted the shelter’s ugliest cat, and they are overjoyed.

At the shelter, a family acquired “the ugliest cat,” yet he’s one of the sweetest and happiest pets they’ve ever had.

It only goes to show: don’t judge a book by its cover!

This is Banjo the cat!

Banjo was in a shelter over a year ago, waiting for his forever home. He was consistently passed over in favor of attractive kittens and younger “cuter” peers despite being older and “unique” in appearance.

However, one family noticed him and fell in love with him, and he’s been living happily ever after since.

This cat’s gloomy face, which is thought to be a Devon Rex mix, has garnered a lot of love and support on the internet.

One noted, “That cat has been working at the DMV for twenty-three years.”

Despite his grouchy appearance, Banjo is truly a sweetheart.

Despite the fact that he resembles Gollum in appearance.

In the end, if this family had not adopted him, he would have most certainly been put down.

Thankfully, that never happened, and Banjo is now able to spend the remainder of his days in a happy and loving forever home.

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The family adopted an “ugly” cat from a shelter, and he turned out to be…
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