The cutest, warmest, and most gentle video of a cat sleeping to violin her owner is playing…

Esther Abrami, a violinist from France, is as passionate about classical music as she is about cats. As a result, she assumed she wouldn’t be able to fit in both practicing and fostering rescue animals. But, after meeting the adorable Rémila, she quickly understood that cats adore music!

Esther, who also volunteers at a local animal shelter, was delighted to take in a little cat rescued by Association Féli-Cité. But, as soon as she welcomed Rémila into her home, she found the little one was captivated with her, and the sweet kitten wouldn’t stop meowing whenever she picked up her violin to practice. As a result, the young girl devised the ideal remedy.

“I tried sitting down, and she’d lie down on my lap, but I can’t always sit down,” Esther told. “I got the notion of making a small bag that I could carry around my waist and put her in.”

The artist had no idea how much the small kitty adored classical music. “I never thought she’d enjoy hanging around in there!” she exclaimed. “I realized she absolutely loves music! I can train for an hour without her taking her eyes off the bag.”

The rescue kitten is now obsessed with her bum bag and the music that her foster mother plays for her. She would slumber for hours as her adoring human played the best classical music for her. What a wonderful life!

Esther claims that she and Rémila are now inseparable because the toddler follows her around everywhere. A friendship that has a profound impact on the tiny cat’s life. “She was less than 400 grams (about 14 ounces) when she arrived, afraid, and had respiratory issues from being outside for several days,” the foster mom posted on Instagram. “I’m delighted to report that Rémila has turned into one of the friendliest cats I’ve ever seen after 7 days of milk bottles and regular hugs.” She follows me around everywhere I go. ”

Watch the sweet video here:

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The cutest, warmest, and most gentle video of a cat sleeping to violin her owner is playing…
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