Rescued from the Bobbing Garden, a badly injured kitten proved to be a warrior… Check out her story below…

According to a national cat organization, a seriously injured kitten rescued pleading for life after crawling into a garden with horrendous wounds has proven to be a little fighter.

After a couple heard ear-piercing howls coming from their front garden in Bobbing Hill, Bobbing, near Sittingbourne, late one night, Bandit, as he has been christened by his rescuers, required immediate medical attention.

The kitty was caught on camera dragging himself into the garden.

The small mite was found in a sad state by the pair. With a highly infected back end and what appeared to be a fractured limb and injured tail, he was unable to walk. Cat care volunteer Danielle Hoynes went to the kitten’s help after they called Cats Protection’s Swale branch.

The charity stated that it was unclear how the cat ended up in the region, but it was apparent that his finders and the cat caretakers who reacted to the call likely saved his young life.

Danielle grabbed up the kitten and drove him to Maidstone’s Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital.

The maggots were removed from his wounds, which were then cleaned and treated completely. They tried to take the kitten, who was around 10 weeks old at the time, as comfortable as possible.

“His strength and charisma are remarkable,” said Kim Braysher, welfare team leader at Cats Protection’s Swale branch.

“Despite what he’s been through, he’s so kind and trusting. He’s the most delectable kitty we’ve ever encountered.

“We all adore Bandit; he’s such a vivacious young man.” He’s the sweetest, bravest little kitten I’ve ever seen. He’s been an excellent patient, despite his dislike of wearing his head cone.”

She continued, ” “Bandit still has a long way to go and isn’t ready to be adopted, but with proper veterinary care, he should be able to have a long and happy life.

“Everyone who comes into contact with him falls under his spell.”

Bandit’s rehabilitation had impressed the experts, according to the charity. His tail was severed, his rear leg was repaired, and his wounds are mending, despite an infection following the procedure.

It said that treatment has been costly and is still ongoing, therefore the branch has launched an appeal for Bandit to help it recuperate some of the £3,000 costs and care for more cats.

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Rescued from the Bobbing Garden, a badly injured kitten proved to be a warrior… Check out her story below…
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