This kitten is obsessed with his blanket and takes it with him everywhere he goes…

Meet Renly, the adorable kitty Sara Budzynowski and her husband adopted last year. When Budzynowski worked at Wilson Veterinary Hospital, she met Renly and his brothers. The kittens were just 3 weeks old when they were surrendered to the hospital.

Except for Renly, who had to have his tail removed owing to an illness, the kittens were in perfect health. Budzynowski fell in love with Renly while caring for him, so she decided to adopt him and bring him home.

“I took him home to foster him about a week after he had that section of his tail severed, and the rest is history,” Budzynowski said.

Renly was taken home by the couple, who immediately began spoiling him. They presented him with a warm blanket and a charming tiny plush rabbit. Renly’s blanket has become his best friend at the age of ten months (besides his parents, of course). His favorite blanket is always with him, no matter where he is. He sleeps with it, plays with it, and manages to carry it around with him at all times.

“From the day we brought him home, he has loved his blanket and usually brings it around his room to where he wants to sleep with it,” Budzynowski said.

After then, the couple welcomed two corgis to their household, Hotchner and Azula, and now Renly is a big brother. Because he adores his siblings, he has begun to share his favorite blanket with them as well.

Renly’s blanket or bunny toy must almost always accompany him everywhere he goes. The blanket is actually just a plain fleece blanket — nothing extraordinary — but it is meaningful to Renly since it was a present from his parents, whom he adores.

We’re overjoyed to learn that Renly’s parents intend to keep the blanket by his side at all times. “That blanket has seen a lot over the months and has been in the wash so many times,” Budzynowski said. “But I can’t stand to replace it and plan on keeping it for him for the rest of his life.”

Renly has best friends and siblings at his new home, and he is happy and cherished there.

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This kitten is obsessed with his blanket and takes it with him everywhere he goes…
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