A stubborn cat didn’t like his new friend, and then this happened…

Sunny is a senior cat who has spent nearly half of his life in a rescue shelter, waiting to be adopted. Thankfully, he found his forever home and fell in love with his new life right away.

Sunny’s mother, Shannon Richardson, told, “We got him from a shelter five years ago, at the age of eight.” “He had been waiting for a new home for six years, and as soon as we met him, we knew we had to adopt him!”

Sunny was content with his life and routine until his parents introduced him to Hazel, a new human younger sister. Despite the fact that he adored his parents, he was dissatisfied with the new family member they had welcomed.

Richardson recalled, “When we initially brought Hazel home, he didn’t seem to like her.” “We placed the newborn carrier on the ground, and he sniffed her before walking away and eating his food.”

The obstinate cat didn’t give a damn about the newborn Hazel, and he spent months attempting to convey that he didn’t like her. His parents were unsure if he would like his baby sister because of his actions and demeanor. When they occurred to glance at the baby monitor, all became evident.

Sunny crept into Hazel’s room after she had gone to sleep. Before falling asleep, he jumped into her cot and cuddled up next to her. Sunny, it turns out, is merely pretending to dislike Hazel. He adores her and enjoys snuggling with her whenever he can. When she’s crying, he even follows her about to make sure she’s okay.

Richardson added, “He literally jumped in her crib this morning while she was wailing and nuzzled against her.” “She hasn’t quite mastered the art of petting, so she grabbed him and held him there.” He’s a wonderful young man.”

Sunny and Hazel have become best friends, which makes us delighted.

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A stubborn cat didn’t like his new friend, and then this happened…
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