A stray kitten meows at the top of her lungs to ask for something… Tap below to know why…

Pistachio is a cute stray kitten who lives on the streets of Los Angeles. The unfortunate kitten has no family or one to look after her, but she has an extraordinary will to live and will never give up.

Pistachio began traveling from house to house, yelling at the top of his lungs, begging for food. However, despite her best attempts, no one came up to her and welcomed her into their home.

Pistachio was rescued by an animal rescue organization called Alley Cat Rescue when she was three months old, which was fortunate. In addition, Desiree, who works as a volunteer for the rescue organization, swiftly determined that she would save this tiny stray kitten.

Pistachio was standing on a porch, meowing as loud as she could when Desiree came across her. In order to provide her with much-needed care, Desiree carried Pistachio into her home and gave her a bath. When the miserable kitty was bathed, the water became red from the grime and fleas that had accumulated on him.

After that, Desiree was able to find Pistachio a foster home, and the tiny kitten was overjoyed to have found foster parents who genuinely cared for her. Pistachio has recovered from his week in the foster home and is now bursting with life and energy.

Despite the fact that Pistachio had a difficult start, she never lost her sweet demeanor or her ability to place her trust in others. This kitten deserves a wonderful home after everything she’s been through, and she is still waiting for her permanent home.

“Close your arms around her and she’ll curl up for a snuggle! She can’t help but purr and express how delighted she is!” Desiree expresses herself.

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A stray kitten meows at the top of her lungs to ask for something… Tap below to know why…
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