Miranda Lambert and her husband drop everything to rescue tiny stray kitten near highway and it leads to something amazing… Tap below for more…

Miranda Lambert is a country music singer, songwriter, and animal advocate from the United States. She now has a total of eight dogs, as well as cats, rabbits, chickens, and horses.

She enjoys not just singing and making music, but also rescuing animals. She is not, however, alone in her efforts to rescue and assist animals in distress. Brendan McLoughlin, her husband, had picked up on her passion for animal rescue.

Miranda and her husband Brendan came upon a stray kitten in need of care during a recent trip to Texas. Miranda posted the rescue story to her Instagram feed, where it quickly became a viral sensation.

“Speed limit is 70 mph on a two-lane roadway in Texas.” Brendan comes to a halt and makes a U-turn… “Why are you turning around?” I ask B. “There’s a kitten in the road,” she posted on Instagram, “and I knew you’d kill me if I spotted it and didn’t stop.”

“Well, I think the rescue methods are rubbing off on him,” she wrote triumphantly.

Tequila was the name given to the cat who was rescued from the highway by the couple. They chose to take Tequila home with them instead of putting him off at a nearby shelter.

Despite the fact that the couple was able to keep him, they announced that he had found a forever home in Texas with Miranda’s parents. The kitty opted to stay with her parents after falling in love with them.

“On the way home, we stopped by Mom and Dad’s. Dad has made a new friend. This kitty traveled back to Nashville with us and three dogs for nine hours and was such a trooper.”

She went on to say, “He’s 4-5 weeks old and weighs 14 ounces.” “Welcome to the family, Tequila the kitten!”

Lambert posted photos of Tequila on her husband’s shoulder while he was driving, as well as a photo of the kitten napping on her father’s chest as they pulled over to her parents’ house.

Miranda drew inspiration for her new music project while on the road, and she and her husband are instilling kindness in others. Fans from all over the world have hailed the pair for rescuing the kitty and finding him a forever home.

“Just another reason I am your biggest fan!” wrote one of her admirers. “Rescue workers are incredible!” “Awww, how lucky can one kitty be!!!!” commented another. Miranda, you have a few of nice men in your life!!”

Her parents, it appears, are also animal lovers. Lambert and her mother formed the MuttNation Foundation in 2009 with the goal of rescuing animals, finding loving homes for shelter dogs, and assisting shelters during catastrophes and calamities.

Lambert founded Redemption Ranch, a sanctuary in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where she and her ex-husband Blake Shelton had made their home. Many rescue animals have found their forever homes thanks to her charity and shelter.

Please adopt instead of shopping for a pet since rescue pets are the best!

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Miranda Lambert and her husband drop everything to rescue tiny stray kitten near highway and it leads to something amazing… Tap below for more…
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