There’s no another cat like him… Check out the photos of this big and unique Maine Coon to see for yourself…

Let me introduce you to Richie. He’s a huge figure.

That’s partly owing to his size – Maine Coons are big – but it’s also due to his heaps of fluffy fur.

Richie has become a bit of an Instagram star as a result of all of this, as well as his odd coloring, and is frequently compared to a lemur or a yeti. The likeness is obvious.

The gentle giant is black smoke, which means he has rich black fur on his head and legs, but a shaggy, sheep-like coat of lighter grey on the rest of his body.

It’s no surprise, then, that he has over 126,000 followers on Instagram, all of whom rush to admire Richie’s beauty.

Adriana, from France, rehomed Richie during the early phases of the pandemic and now owns the cat, which is nearly a meter long.

He’s a black smoke Maine Coon.

He lives in France with owner Adriana.

“It spread everywhere in one fell swoop after I shared only one video of Richie on Instagram, and I tallied more than one million views,” she claimed.

“The internet is completely insane. I even found Richie on a Chinese social networking site; he seems to be all over the world.”

“I think Richie is a one-of-a-kind Maine Coon, and I haven’t seen another like him.”

Richie has been compared to lemurs and yetis because of his odd features.

He may appear vicious, yet he’s a complete softie.

“Today, I have an amazing online community with a lot of individuals who are devoted to Richie and look forward to seeing him every day.”

“I’ve heard from several folks that Richie provides them a lot of joy.”

Adriana claims Richie is a really nice and sociable cat, despite his slightly savage, unearthly appearance.

“He enjoys meeting new people, particularly children, and he appears to be passionate about them, but some children are terrified of him,” she said.

“He enjoys playing and has his own playroom.”

“When he needs to rest, he sleeps a lot and isolates himself.” He spends the rest of his time in our kitchen.

“This is his domain, and he also sprawls out on the dining table and eats with us.”

Stop right there if you’re staring at Richie and have fallen in love with him so much that you want your own Maine Coon.

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There’s no another cat like him… Check out the photos of this big and unique Maine Coon to see for yourself…
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