On adventure bike excursions, the fearless cat accompanies his owner and sits on his shoulders…

Meet the brave cat who behaves “more like a dog” and enjoys going on exciting bike trips with his human friend.

Phaku rides behind his owner Kyle Kana’iaupuni Robertson on his bike and even sits on his shoulder on their adventures.

Kyle, 31, walks the 13-month-old Russian-Blue tabby with a special lead that he claims ‘never leaves his side.’

When the government servant transferred from London to Sheffield during the pandemic, he brought his traveling companion with him.

He began taking Phaku, sometimes known as P, on walks to the local park using a special harness at that point.

Soon after, the two were going on hiking treks in the Peak District, and they’ve now accomplished 15 outings.

Kyle is now planning a camping trip with his kitty companion.

Kyle explains, “He’s not like a well-trained dog; instead, he’s more of a companion.” “But the plan is to spend a few nights in the peak district with him as the weather warms up.”

Kyle had spent the previous five years in London and claims to have fallen in love with P after viewing him at his breeder’s home.

“When I went to the house to pick him up, all the other kittens were scurrying away under the sofas,” he remembers.

“But he jumped out and attacked my foot – and went across the room – and I got the feeling he knew he was the one I was going to take home with me.”

Kyle began strapping P with a harness within his home so the animal might become accustomed to the sensation. Soon after, the two made their first steps outside as a couple.

“I started by putting a harness on him for a minute, then five minutes, and feeding him treats at the same time,” he explains.

“When I brought him out for the first few times in the garden, he was more interested in what was going on around him than in removing the harness.”

“Then I remembered there’s a dog-free area in the park near my house, so I decided to just take him there in his carrier, open it up, and sit by it to see if he wanted to come out.”

Kyle began taking P on treks as he became more acquainted with the surroundings.

“We immediately progressed from the park to the Peak District,” he says.

“It’s not like going on a hike with a dog or anything; it’s more about him having fun.” He’ll trot along with you as well, but it’ll be in his own time.

“I recently unclipped him from the lead, and he now just runs alongside me, occasionally taking the lead.” I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea the first time he did it, so I just stopped and waited.

“He simply turned around and started meowing at me and saying, “C’mon!” so I was like, “awesome!”

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On adventure bike excursions, the fearless cat accompanies his owner and sits on his shoulders…
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