A woman is angry with her neighbor because she constantly “steals” her cat…

Cats are unusual creatures, but humans can be strange either. Imagine having a neighbor who, despite your requests, allows your pet to enter their home on a regular basis. That’s exactly what occurred to a mother in the United Kingdom lately. She’s enraged at a neighbor who doesn’t seem to be bothered by her pleadings not to let her cat into their home. They keep doing it, with the woman always being able to see the cat through their home’s window.

The woman complained about her neighbors on a forum, claiming that they were plainly doing it on purpose. She recognizes that the problem is more difficult to avoid in the summer when people leave doors and windows open, but she also recognizes that it occurs throughout the year.

Some forum users supported the mother, while others backed the neighbor. The issue is more complicated than that. The cat has been sick a few times in the last few months, and it appears that food was the source of the problem. Because the woman doesn’t give the cat everything, it’s safe to assume it came from the next-door neighbor. They claimed they weren’t feeding the cat, but the issue is evident.

The woman issued an ultimatum to her next-door neighbor. They can either feed her and pay her vet fees, or they can stop feeding her. The neighbors stopped luring the cat with food after that.

Some forum members were incensed by her actions, claiming that no one can control cats. Others have speculated that the cat loves going to the neighbor’s house because she is unhappy at home. We don’t know why, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for new developments in this saga.

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A woman is angry with her neighbor because she constantly “steals” her cat…
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