A little girl writes a letter to her cat in heaven, and the postman responds with the sweetest message…

Prepare your Kleenex because this letter will undoubtedly make you cry.

Everyone finds it difficult to say goodbye to a cherished pet, but youngsters may find it even more difficult to cope. So when a five-year-old girl from Walton-on-Thames, UK, lost her beloved pet cat and best friend, she was left devastated.

Nevaeh Lowe, a heartbroken little girl, has always had a strong attachment with her cat, Tin Tin. They had been inseparable pals since the beginning. Where one went, the other would very certainly follow. “Nevaeh and Tin Tin were best friends, they had a really tight link, whenever they saw each other they were so pleased,” Tamara, Nevaeh’s mother, said.

But regrettably, Tin Tin passed away from heart failure, and Nevaeh had a terrible time adjusting to life without her pal. Nevaeh was concerned about Tin Tin’s well-being in heaven, so she decided to send her cat a letter, which she encloses with a photograph of the two of them. She only wanted to make sure Tin Tin was okay up in the clouds.

“I miss you very badly,” Nevaeh said in her letter, “you are the finest cat ever, I adore you, and I will never forget you.” Tin Tin was also given a snapshot of the two of them to cherish. “Love, Nevaeh, I have a photo of you, and now you have one as well.”

Tamara warned her daughter after receiving the letter that heaven might be too far away to send a letter, and that it might not make it all the way to Tin Tin. But Neveah insisted on dropping it in a Royal Mail letterbox, so she did.

“I didn’t anticipate anything to come back when we wrote the letter, and I don’t think Nevaeh did either,” Tamara said, “but it was important to her to say goodbye.”

Surprisingly, a week later, they received a package in the mail. After receiving Neveah’s letter, it turned out that a Royal Mail postman wrote her a reply.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m fine and that I’ve made some good friends here; one of them, Tibbles, snores so loudly when we take cat naps.” The angels are well-feeding and caring for me. I know you’re disappointed that I’m not with you, but don’t be. There’s a cute little snuggle kitty in here who looks a little like me. So, if you’re sad, you can snuggle him as we did before. Look for the brightest star in the sky at night if you need me, and I’ll be there to listen. Tin Tin, I’ll always be your best friend.”

He sent her a message from Tin Tin, informing her that Tin Tin had to go to paradise and that Nevaeh didn’t need to be concerned about her. When she missed the cat, he even brought her a toy cat and a book to read with her mother.

“I was astounded when the gift arrived; it was incredibly moving to open it with Nevaeh,” Tamara remarked. We weren’t expecting a response, so I’m grateful to the Royal Mail and the postman for writing that letter and sending it to us – and, of course, for the toys as well. I believe she was in desperate need of closure in order to go on after Tin Tin, and what this postman accomplished for us was exactly that.”

“I tracked down the postman who did it, and while I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with him, I did speak with his wife, and they, too, have cats, so I completely understand why Neveah was unhappy.”

Neveah was having trouble sleeping after Tin Tin had gone to heaven. But since receiving the letter, she has been a lot happier.

“It’s really helped her sleep again, and now that she knows Tin Tin is fine, she’s starting to get over the loss and be a little happier,” Tamara remarked. “She really needed one last goodbye, as well as assurance that Tin Tin was okay without her and would look after her. She now looks up every night and says goodnight, knowing that Tin Tin is staring back at her, and she knows she can go to sleep.”

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A little girl writes a letter to her cat in heaven, and the postman responds with the sweetest message…
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