A cat-lover couple rescues a blind kitten and immediately goes back to the shelter for a reason… Tap below to know why…

Jen and Ian adore animals, particularly cats. As a result, for the past nine years, the couple has been fostering cats. They frequently visit their local shelter to assist older cats in finding a forever home.

They already have three cats of their own, all of which were foster failures, so they wanted to continue fostering and look for adult cats. Everything changed, however, when they encountered a tiny blind kitten who melted their hearts.

The couple visited their local animal shelter, where they saw a small blind kitten in a cage. He had both of his eyes removed owing to a hereditary condition, according to the shelter’s staff.

Jen told Naturee, “I saw this small little kitten who had his eyes removed, so he had stitches on his eyes and he was wearing a cone, sitting in his cage, all by himself, trying to eat out of a food bowl.”

According to the veterinarians, the tiny guy was born with a hereditary issue. They had to remove his eyes and shut his eye sockets to prevent infection and keep him healthy and happy because his eyes were not functioning correctly and were always contaminated.

The couple realized the cat needed their aid and chose to foster him, giving him the name Bop. The kitten soon adjusted to his new existence and didn’t see himself as any different from the other cats.

“The notion of leaving him there was just too much for me to bear, so I was like, ‘Alright, we’re taking this one,'” Jen explained.

He explored and played like any other kitten in his new home. Jen’s cats, on the other hand, had no idea how to engage with this small blind kitten and were scared of him.

At the shelter, Jen remembered that Bop had a brother named Boop. As a result, Jen and Ian decided to return to the shelter in order to bring Bop’s sibling home as a playmate. She thought that Boop would help her other cats and Bop get along better.

Boop got along with the other cats surprisingly well, and he adored his sibling. Eventually, all of the cats were having a great time playing together!

The couple discussed seeking adopters for the cats after six months, but they decided they didn’t want to give up the brothers. They were enamored with them to the point of obsession. As a result, Jen and Ian have adopted Bop and Boop!

Finally, Bop and Boop have found a wonderful forever home, and the cats are doing well after a year with their new owners. They also get along well with Jen and Ian’s foster kitties.

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A cat-lover couple rescues a blind kitten and immediately goes back to the shelter for a reason… Tap below to know why…
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