21 of the most adorable, unusual and beautiful cats to please your eyes…

Whether you prefer cats or dogs, there’s no disputing that cats are elegant and lovely creatures. Some of them have lovely eyes, others have magnificent furs, and all of them are stunning. Furthermore, their lively and caring attitude brings joy and happiness into our lives and improves the planet.
We’ve compiled a collection of the most beautiful cats that, no matter how hard you try, will make you fall in love with them. They will fire your retinas and make even a dog-person fall to their attractiveness, from amazing fur and unique markings to lovely paws and mesmerizing eyes.

Take a peek at the photos below to see how stunning these felines are!

1. This adorable feline who aspires to be a tiger

2. The Bengal, Thor, is simply “WOW”!

3. This cat is well aware that she appears to be cuter than cute.

4. Seeing these twin cat sisters side by side is quite cute.

5. Little buddy, where are your boots?

6. Love me tenderly, sweetly, and never abandon me.

7. “I saw you, peekaboo!”

8. Mimi, a stunning Ragdoll Cat

9. This caracal beauty.

10. In her eyes, you can see the entire galaxy.

11. Minnie Mouse?

12. When your cat has more glitz than you:

13. Cuteness level loading… 100%

14. “Fifty percent cat, fifty percent tail, one hundred percent adorable.”

15. Little Marley.

16. Silky, the King of Cats.

17. “It’s fascinating to hear Mom’s story!”

18. Alice, the Persian kitty

19. Aurora, the Princess cat

20. “Everyone often comments on how gorgeous my cat’s eyes are.”

21. Utamaru, the small kitty, brings this voyage of sweetness to a close.

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21 of the most adorable, unusual and beautiful cats to please your eyes…
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