This tiny kitten is rescued from a loaded road, and here’s how he thanks to his saviour (video)…

Adopting a black cat is a difficult task. Black cats have a small percentage of adopters out of all the cats in shelters. Which, if you ask us, is a shame. The culprit is superstition, but these cats don’t deserve it. They can be as charming and playful as any other cat, as has been demonstrated numerous times.

A man was traveling home from work recently when he came upon a black furball in the middle of the road. Cars were coming in from all sides, and it was evident that the situation required assistance. He came to a complete stop in his automobile and grabbed the kitten, bringing it home with him.

It’s understandable that the kitten felt apprehensive at first. However, after a few hours, it began to reveal its personality. On social media, the man posted photos of it curled upon his shoulder. It’s the kitten’s way of saying thank you for giving her a second chance at life, he claims.

The article nearly went global on the internet, and it caught the attention of a woman wishing to adopt a kitten. She didn’t spend any time contacting the kitty’s rescuer. The mom received the cat on the second anniversary of her adopted son’s adoption, a lovely occasion marked by yet another rescue.

We’re grateful that in this chilly world, there are still people with kind hearts. Acts like these go unnoticed far too often. Every day, we’re sure the mom, her adoptive kid, and their kitty are having the time of their lives.

Watch the lovely’s video below;

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This tiny kitten is rescued from a loaded road, and here’s how he thanks to his saviour (video)…
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