This cat has been living cold winters outside for years, and finally… Click below to know what happened…

Winter is one of the most popular seasons among many people. It creates beautiful things and amazing sights to witness. Winter, on the other hand, is a terrible season for our stray feline companions, and they must struggle to survive it.

Padou, a tabby cat, lived precisely like this until he met his rescuer Aya on the streets of Montreal, Canada.
Aya and Chatons Orphelins Montréal tried everything they could to capture Padou’s heart and provide him with a better life away from the streets. It’s been a long and arduous journey, but once they got their hands on Padou, they treated him right away and lavished him with all the love he need. The previously terrified cat has transformed into a peaceful and gentle feline who is now looking for a loving family and a lifelong home. Continue reading Padou’s story below.

Padou is the name of this tabby cat. He didn’t always appear this safe and healthy, believe it or not.

Padou used to walk the streets of Montreal, Canada, with a gruff appearance and several battle scars. No one ever claimed him as he wandered the streets, hung out beneath cars, in courtyards, and on sidewalks.

A woman named Aya began feeding Padou a few months ago in attempt to gain his trust, and Padou had become accustomed to her.

Aya realized Padou’s health was deteriorating during the process of winning him over. Aya decided to take urgent action with the support of a local cat rescue organisation, Chatons Orphelin Montreal.

They set up innocent traps for Padou at first, but they never worked since Padou was too accustomed to them in his previous existence.

Then they started finger-feeding Padou to get him used to being touched. It eventually worked, and they were able to finally keep Padou under their care.

Padou received prompt medication as well as treatment for his worms and fleas after testing positive for FIV. Padou’s road to becoming a healthy and happy cat began at that point.

Padou gradually began to open up to people and to shake off the stigma of being a street cat.

Padou sought to overcome his dread of meeting new people and cats. He now constantly craves cuddles, which he obtains by following his foster mother everywhere.

Padou is sure not to miss anything in his new life, even when his foster mother is working on her laptop.

Padou has now fully adapted to life as a domestic cat, and as winter approaches, Padou is warm and comfy and finally enjoying life.

Padou had become hardened by life on the streets, but all it took was patience and care to bring him back to life. Padou will now have a purrfect winter thanks to Aya and the Chatons Orphelin Montrea, perhaps with a loving family and a forever home.

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This cat has been living cold winters outside for years, and finally… Click below to know what happened…
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