Ths cat’s owner made a “cat-igan” for her pet for a very special reason, and it vent viral on the Internet… Tap below to know more…

Photos of a fashionable cat wearing a custom-made crochet shirt have gone viral.

The post, which was submitted to the popular r/Cats thread by John Bergman of Otsego, Minnesota, currently has over 39,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Pepé the cat is pictured wearing the crochet sleeves, with the caption: “Pepé, our cat, has a sore place on his inner leg. So my wife Jen made him feline lederhosen out of yarn? Overalls with only one strap?”

Pepé, who is four years old, has been suffering from a hot spot—a superficial skin infection—for two days.

Jen’s effort was praised by the comments. One user said, ” “He’s so adorable! And he’s completely taken aback! I admire your wife’s inventiveness.”

Another user commented: “Overwhelming cuteness…

It’s beautiful that he’ll wear it, and your wife sewed it for him…”.

Acute dermatitis, commonly known as hot spots in cats, is caused by damage to the skin’s surface, which is frequently caused by gnawing, licking, or scratching. They are frequently painful to the touch and make the animal uncomfortable.

“The best thing to do when you detect a hot spot on your pet is to get the pet evaluated by a veterinarian,” Waterview Animal Hospital writes on its website.

Because infections are often made worse by excessive grooming, keeping your cat away from the infected area is often a crucial step in the healing process.

“Last night was one full day of Pepé wearing it, and the hot spot had 50% grown over, with hair starting to grow back,” Bergman said.

Much of the discussion on the viral Reddit post centered on the name of the item of apparel. One responder said, “Omg—a cat-igan.” “Crop top?” suggested another.

Bergman added, “My wife has been crocheting for around 40 years now.” “She was working on a large blanket, and we were battling Pepé and his cone—he had worked out how to get off of it quickly.”

“I was going to wrap Pepé’s calf in gauze, but I didn’t believe he’d take it well.” Jen then advised me to wait because she had a thought.”

Pepé was given his new clothing around 30 minutes later, which he instantly accepted.

Bergman said, “This isn’t Jen’s first crocheted item for our animals.” “Our dog has a wound on his back leg, directly above the knee joint. She fashioned a sock-like cover with a tie at the top.”

A greyhound’s sleek and weather-ready coat has also thrilled the internet this week. This cat’s UPS delivery suit went viral in January, leaving viewers in stitches.

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Ths cat’s owner made a “cat-igan” for her pet for a very special reason, and it vent viral on the Internet… Tap below to know more…
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