A rescue kitty or a raccoon?… Tap below to know this cutie’s story…

Here’s Janie. Many people mistake her for a raccoon, but she’s merely a kitten with a unique fur color and pattern.

Janie was recently rescued from a life on the streets and impending death. Her silver fur, which makes her look more like a baby raccoon than a kitten, had a role in it.

Janie was discovered abandoned on the side of the road in Ontario a few months ago. Her rescuers took her to the Tiny but Mighty Rescue Center. It had been left in the sun, and her paws were sunburned, but the cat was otherwise well.

The poor kitten was rescued when she was just a day old, and she’s now grown into a lovely raccoon…ugh, cat at the age of eight months.

The kitten was housed in an incubator for a few weeks after arriving at the institution. June, a nursing cat, was then brought to Janie, who welcomed her as one of her own.

Janie grew into a gorgeous raccoon…sorry – a beautiful kitten, thanks to June’s love and the care of the professionals at the center.

Her distinctive silver coat is caused by a condition known as fever coat. It happens when the mother cat is sick at the time the kittens are born.

Fortunately, it isn’t a sign of any ailment; instead, it gives Janie a distinct look that we adore.

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A rescue kitty or a raccoon?… Tap below to know this cutie’s story…
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