A lawyer joins a Zoom call as a cat by accident, and the funny video goes viral…

What was supposed to be an official court procedure via Zoom call transformed into a humorous viral video, all thanks to an innocent filter!

Judge Roy Ferguson was using the Zoom app to prepare for the sessions of the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas, but the last thing he expected to see when he turned on the video conference was a…kitten. That was, however, exactly what the screen displayed. At the very least, it wasn’t a real kitten, but a county attorney with a funny Zoom effect. As a result, a blue-eyed beautiful kitty covered attorney Rod Ponton’s face.

The two then had a hilarious conversation. Even though everyone in the room was aware of the amusing filter, it appears like the attorney struggled to turn it off. “I assume you have a filter on in the video settings, Mr. Ponton,” Judge Roy Ferguson stated. The attorney can be heard saying, “I’m here live, I’m not a cat.” “I see what you’re saying,” the judge continued.

Because nothing goes unnoticed on the Internet, the video of this Zoom call went popular on social media almost immediately. Rod Ponton later revealed how such a hilarious scene came about.

The 69-year-old attorney claimed, “I logged into my secretary’s computer to present at this court via Zoom.” “However, everyone’s face appeared except mine.” Mine was a feline.” Despite the fact that the call was for an official court procedure, everyone on the line laughed. “ Judge Ferguson remarked, “Everyone involved handled it with respect, and the filtered counsel showed wonderful grace.”

Watch the funny video here:

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A lawyer joins a Zoom call as a cat by accident, and the funny video goes viral…
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