A man returns and sees a family of bears in his car… Click below to see how smart he behaved…

Chad Morris’ dream before traveling on a short vacation with his parents in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, was to see a black bear, as the region had about 1,500 bears. Nonetheless, the Kentucky barbershop owner got more than he bargained for. Three black bear cubs crept inside his car through an open window, not one, but three. Helpless, the man took a few photos of the situation and posted them online. Except for the car, no one was injured.

Chad was having a great time at the gorgeous mountain resort when he heard his parents scream. He dashed outside the cottage and quickly recognized what was causing his parents’ outrage. Inside his car, a black bear cub began rummaging through his belongings. The man soon noticed, however, that the invader wasn’t alone, as two other cubs followed them inside the parked vehicle on the driveway.

“They were heading up to my car as soon as I noticed them, and the three cubs climbed in,” the man said. “They noticed us standing about snapping pictures but didn’t bother us.”

Ironically, Chad was powerless to intervene, especially while the cubs’ mother stood nearby, watching. Curiosity drove the playful cubs to examine the car for a few minutes before becoming bored and retreating into the woods. Chad and his parents stood at a safe distance, waiting for the cubs to finish their snooping. They even tried their luck on other cars, but happily, their owners had closed the door windows.

“They crawled out the windows and two of them stood next to my mother and father’s car, but their windows were up,” Chad explained. “They went back down the mountain together, off in the woods, after a few more minutes of strolling around the cars.”

The first thing Chad did after the cubs got lost in the woods was to look into the damage they had done to his car. Surprisingly, things appeared to be in much better shape than he had anticipated.

“They simply ripped a piece out of the driver’s seat leather and scratched a couple of locations on the interior,” the man explained. “I bit into the top of my protein drink, and my son’s football is covered in claw marks.”

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A man returns and sees a family of bears in his car… Click below to see how smart he behaved…
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