A heartmelting story of this shy and nervous cat in his new home… Read on to know what he went through…

Elvis has settled into his new home thanks to his new owners’ patience and understanding.

Elvis, a seven-year-old black cat, was quite cautious and scared when he arrived at our Tyneside Adoption Centre in January.

His’ previous owner made the tough decision to surrender him to Cats Protection after he became upset with his lack of outdoor access, displaying signs of aggression and incontinence as a result.

“He was quite nervous at first, and the team worked hard over the next few weeks to help him start to settle and gain his trust,” said Emzi Frater, manager of the Tyneside Adoption Centre.

The team provided him with all of the necessary care, including vaccinations, neutering, and microchipping, and then it was time to find him a new home with people who were willing to take on a shy cat. Fortunately, John and Melissa arrived not long after.

“Elvis remained to be a shy boy, so when it came time to find a match and John and Melissa expressed interest in him, we made sure they were well aware that he would take some time to warm up and would require a lot of patience and understanding,” Emzi explained.

“They knew he’d never be a lap cat or a big cuddler, and they realized that it wouldn’t be easy.” The Tyneside team and his new family were off to a great start, knowing it would take a lot of patience and trust to give this lad a second opportunity.”

The Tyneside team hoped Elvis would gain confidence in his new home, and were ecstatic when John and Melissa sent them an encouraging report.

“I just thought I’d give you a quick update on Elvis, who has been with us for a year today,” Melissa wrote. On our first visit, we met him and fell in love with him, and he was living with us about a week later.

“Getting him settled in the house wasn’t easy. He began hiding in the back of a closet in his sanctuary room, scaring us to death.

“After a few weeks, he began to approach us very timidly when we entered into his room to feed him or change his litter tray, and we were able to begin offering him a hand to sniff and begin some very gently touching and stroking.”

“He stayed in his sanctuary room for four weeks before being exposed to the rest of the house, and he quickly made it his own.

“He’s still a frightened, timid kid who isn’t particularly affectionate.” He comes to you and tells you when it’s time to give him some attention, and while he doesn’t appear to enjoy sitting on your lap, he does enjoy sitting next to you for some rubs now and then.

“He’s always been an indoor cat, but we’ve gradually introduced him to a fenced-in, secure back yard and let him sit at the front door.” If he hears birds, traffic, or even other people, he’ll dart back inside, afraid.

“Despite his nervousness, he appears to be a really happy and satisfied cat.” He has a number of cozy spots where he likes to nap, and he enjoys playing on the open stairs.

“Some soft stuffed toys we purchased him are his favorite toys. He has a pineapple, a banana, and a flamingo, all of which he enjoys battling.

“From the people at the centre to the Behaviour team who maintained touch with me and helped us to settle him in, we can’t thank you all enough for the help and support you offered us during his challenges settling in.”

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A heartmelting story of this shy and nervous cat in his new home… Read on to know what he went through…
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