20 hilarious photos that show dogs have their own kind of logic…

Sense of logic? Well, for dogs it’s a different kind of world. Even though we usually claim that dogs may be extremely clever when they set their minds to it, there are situations when this isn’t the case. Many dogs seem to want to follow their own set of rules, which is understandable. And, to put it mildly, the logic that’s behind these ‘rules’ is just amusing. Owning a dog could imply that you must feed them, care for them, and take them on several walks.

While all of this is true, the majority of dog owners spend a large amount of time photographing their pets performing strange things. From attempting to pole dance to showing control over other dogs, the following dogs stand out from the crowd.

#1. I believe he is actively trying to learn how to pole dance.

#2. “My dog is holding a single piece of dry pasta between her paws and eating it.”

#3. My dog chewed a hole in my blanket and then did this.

#4. “He thinks this painting is a window.”

#5.  He is on a break from his guard duty.

#6. He saw us feeding the ducks and pretended to be one.

#7. “My coworker’s dog got herself stuck underneath their shed.”

#8. Every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling, so we got her a chair to feel more included.

#9. Reggie crashed into the wall while going after his ball, and he’s very pleased with himself for making such a big damage.

#10. “My dog just pushed the door open, winked at me and left.”

#11. “This is how my dogs sleep.”

#12. “Your dog holds their frisbee one way…mine holds it the ’special’ way.”

#13. I can’t tell Tank “no” for anything in the world because then he does this and makes me feel like crap.

#14. When your dog has some dominance issues.

#15. Is he bathing in muddy water or drinking it?

#16. “Even though he always has a fresh bowl of water, he sits there scratching the wall until I turn the water on so that he can drink it.”

#17. “My mom’s dog is watching me eat chips.”

#18. I sent my dog outside as punishment for standing on the dining room table. This was his response.

#19. He really likes the color green and wanted to wear it on his head.

#20. The cold never bothered him anyway!

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20 hilarious photos that show dogs have their own kind of logic…
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