It’s unbelievable how many kittens can squeeze into a rock! Tap below for more…

Hope for Paws is a nonprofit organization that saves abandoned and homeless animals off the streets of Los Angeles and assists with difficult animal rescues all over the nation.

While Joanne and Katie were out on another rescue mission, they were approached by a loving individual who informed them that there was a kitten living under a rock in his backyard. These two rescuers were fortunate to be in the right location at the right moment, and they proceeded to investigate.

When they arrived, they saw two kittens popping their heads out of a hollow rock; they were extremely peppery, hissing and spitting heavily. They could tell that the kittens were approaching the point when they would turn entirely wild, so they knew they had to act quickly if they wanted to tame them and adopt them.

It was no simple process! Although the hole in the rock was small and the first kitten was abrasive, they were able to grasp him and place him in the cage. Now they had to deal with the following one, which she was really reluctant to, so they had to be creative with their approach. They chose to employ a capture noose, which they were successful in doing, and the kitten was placed in the cage with her brother.

They had almost finished their task when they discovered another kitty! How did these kittens manage to hide in such a little rock? They found three more kittens inside the rock after careful investigation, and they worked hard to retrieve them all. This rescue effort was a huge success.

It was now time to take them to the clinic so that they could get a much-needed bubble bath as well as a checkup from the veterinarian.

What a wonderful cat rescue; they named the kittens after the plants that grew in the yard where they were discovered: Cactus, Aloe, Prickly Pear, Yucca, and Agave.

It’s amazing to see how fast they acclimated to human companionship; this gorgeous family must have realized they were in a safe and caring environment where they would be carefully taken care of and fed.

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It’s unbelievable how many kittens can squeeze into a rock! Tap below for more…
This tiny little kitty was dramatically rescued from a wall and given an interesting name…