From the most unwanted to the lovely wanted… Click here to know about this cat’s life experience…

Many adopters were first turned off by this gorgeous 19-year-old calico with scary eyes. However, once her tale went viral on Facebook, hundreds of offers to take her home began to come in!

Pops is her name.

Staff at Cats Protection, a rescue group near Bath, England, knew Pops had had a difficult journey when she first arrived. The calico, who was 19 years old and almost completely blind, was discovered staggering along the road, confused and disoriented. Pops was the most senior feline they’d ever rescued. She rapidly became popular among the employees at the Cats Protection branch in Midsomer Norton and Radstock.

Hundreds of adoption offer flooded in when she shared her story on Facebook!

In a press release in August, volunteer Belinda Dark noted, “We received approximately 200 offers to home Pops on our website, not to mention the offers via Facebook.” “We’ve received bids from all throughout the country, as well as France, Germany, the United States, and Egypt.”

Pops was fighting against the odds owing to her advanced age and the fact that it was kitten season, making it even more difficult for older cats to find a home.

“We notice a big increase in kittens being adopted instead of older cats during the spring and summer months,” Dark said in a press release. “Seeing them abandoned might be heartbreaking. I believe that, like second-hand products, older cats are frequently disregarded, yet there is just as much satisfaction in rehoming an older cat as there is in rehoming a kitten.”

Fortunately, Pops was found by the correct family, and she was rehomed and is now living happily ever after!

Her new family noted, “She has definitely settled in and is right at home.” “She may be blind, but she can navigate the house and find her favorite locations!” She has us wrapped around her little finger, and if she doesn’t think she’s getting enough attention, she’ll sit and wail.”

Even though Pops’ story had a happy conclusion, many elderly cats need homes as well. Many people, like Pops, are only waiting for someone to adore them right now.

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From the most unwanted to the lovely wanted… Click here to know about this cat’s life experience…
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