An orphaned dog saves a donkey’s life in the nicest way… Here’s how…

A newborn donkey was left battling for his life earlier this month after being struck by a vehicle and left to die on the side of the road. Three of the donkey’s legs were damaged, and he was unable to walk as a result of his injuries. The cat was about to be put down by city officials when two loving people intervened and took him to one of their homes nearby to rehabilitate.

Stefanie Rodrigues and Zenith Gurgel couldn’t stomach seeing the donkey die after such a harrowing adventure, so they took him to Rodrigues’ house, where he would be helped by the unlikeliest of friends. Rodrigues had lately rescued a tiny orphaned puppy from the streets, and he took an immediate fancy to the crippled donkey.

When the young pup began to snuggle up to him every day and keep him company, the donkey, who was named Guerreirinho, which means “little warrior,” would lie on his bed unable to move.

It didn’t take long for these two polar opposites to create an unshakable relationship and spend every day together.
Guerreirinho leans on his little puppy companion for comfort and support while he recovers, making the donkey’s road to recovery a little bit smoother and sweeter.

This adorable puppy and donkey are just another evidence of animals’ ability to feel and care for one another.

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An orphaned dog saves a donkey’s life in the nicest way… Here’s how…
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