A freezing group of cats and a family… Read on to know about this sweet story…

It’s that time of year again when we put away our shorts and tank tops in favor of warm coats, hot chocolate, and thick, snuggly blankets.

It’s vital to remember that when we’re toasty warm, stray animals like dogs and cats are shivering to death! Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to make their hard winter a little more bearable.

You can also go the additional mile, as one Montreal family did if you really want to be wonderful.

The cat in these images and her baby took shelter from the cold in a family’s solarium when the temperature in Montreal plunged to -33 degrees Celsius.

These cats had never previously lived with humans. They used to flee anytime the family became too close. Fortunately, they were trusting enough to let them snap some cute pictures.

They were also fed by their hospitable human hosts! It’s possible that this was the first nutritious food these kitties got in a long time.

With each passing day, the cats became more trustworthy. You’ve heard it said that the route to a cat’s heart is through its stomach!

Although the solarium was not heated, reducing the windchill was exactly what these cats needed!

Wild creatures suffer greatly during the winter months, especially when it begins to snow and ice forms.

We are grateful for all this family has done!

These two kittens might not have made it through the winter without the support of this family!

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A freezing group of cats and a family… Read on to know about this sweet story…
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