If you want some positivity, just check out the photos of these newly-adopted pet happy faces…

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some extra pawsitivity, since it’s time to meet the newly adopted faces.

“After being returned two times, my grandfather, Brody, saved him. He must have been looking forward to seeing me because he’s been the best dog ever. He’s my rock and likes wearing hats, so we’ve gone through a lot together!”

“I’m posting this for my sister because this is how her new kitty Finn looks.”

“Meet Kermit the Frog. One terribly scorching day, I rescued this youngster. July (100°+) was about a week old, weighed less than a pound, and was coated with fleas left on the sidewalk by his mother. He was thought to be dead, but after being bottle-fed and getting back on the track 1.5 years later, he is now the most educated mommas boy cat to date.”

“After seeing her reservation paperwork at the shelter, our sweet girl smiled! I’m looking forward to bringing her home.”

“About a month ago, I brought this little woman home from the humane society. She has a huge bottom lip, a half-ear, and a half-moustache. She may not be the most attractive, but she is one of the sweetest and gentlest tiny creatures I’ve ever met.”

“On Saturday, I received a new puppy. Kevin is someone you should meet.”

“I’ll be picking up this young girl tomorrow! My family is at a loss for a name. Suggestions?”

“Earl is someone you should get to know. He’s 11 years old. He was living on a chain outside a few weeks ago. His Gucci jacket will arrive today.”

“Your first trip home with your new best friend is one you’ll never forget.”

“Olivia is the newest addition to our team. We just lost our 15-year-old and have decided to adopt another family member.”

“His previous owners kept him in a cage for the majority of the day. They put in a lot of hours, and he wasn’t potty trained. He’s turned into an incredible snuggle monster after two years of affection from his two new parents!”

“Our new baby.”

“Today, I discovered this little boy meowing under a car outside of Walmart. He approached my four-year-old son, purring and rubbing against him. So now we have a new kitty!”

“This kitty was discovered residing in my chimney. I’d like to keep it, but what can I do till I can get it to a veterinarian?”

“When it’s cold outside, we take in a stray cat. He goes out during the day and returns home at night. Unless the days are bitterly cold, he will remain.”

“Adopted a 10 month Siamese cat”

“2 weeks ago, I discovered this youngster famished in the rain. He’s now best buddies with a dog that’s six times his size.”

“My new 10 week old buddy”

“Please assist me with naming him! He’s a cream-colored fur baby who we recently adopted.”

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If you want some positivity, just check out the photos of these newly-adopted pet happy faces…
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