15 photos that prove cats are not from this world…

The reasoning that cats follow will remain a mystery for the rest of time.

We will never be able to fully comprehend the workings of a cat’s brain. They will be perfectly fine and sleeping in the middle of the night one minute, and as soon as the clock strikes three o’clock in the morning, they will start rushing about the house, creating chaos, the next minute. They will approach you for cuddling, but as soon as you begin touching them, they will bite your hand off and cause the most serious pain to you. After all, what exactly do you want, catto?! Cats’ thinking is beyond our comprehension, and even if we could grasp it on a biological level, we would still be unable to explain how and why cats do such bizarre and ridiculous things.

The strangeness of cats has been stated before and will be repeated. There is no one who can stop them from doing what they want, whenever they want it. To be honest, it just serves to provide us with enjoyment and pleasure when we stand back and watch them. Think about it: have you ever seen a cat resting in an unusual position? Believe me when I say you you will forget it is a cat and simply assume it is an alien. Their minds, on the other hand, are foreign to us as well. We, on the other hand, adore them despite all of their stupidity. So, if you want to see some strange kitties today, go down to the bottom of this page and enjoy:

1. “I might have assembled my cat wrong!”

2. “CCTV camera around the house.”

3. So small her weight doesn’t press the keys…

4. “For no apparent reason, my sister’s cat sits like this every day.”

5. “Is it even comfortable, kitty?”

6. “Iron throne perfectly made for my cat.”

7. “Our office cat hates to be ignored.”

8. “Just moved into a new apartment and saw this.”

9. What is physics, anyway?

10. A bird? A plane? Nope, it’s a cat!

11. “Am I doing it right?”

12. “My cat likes laying and watching the fire before going to sleep.”

13. My friend found her very pregnant cat sitting like this.

14. “She sleeps like this and I don’t know why.”

15. How are they so flexible?!

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15 photos that prove cats are not from this world…
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