When a mother cat loses all of her kittens, she miraculously finds and adopts an abandoned litter of kittens…

The exact reason Mickey ended up at the shelter is still a mystery, but three days after she was placed in a foster home, she gave birth to five black and white kittens that looked just like their mother!

The delivery of Mickey was complicated by a severe upper respiratory illness that arrived the next day after she gave birth to her babies.

URIs are widespread at shelters, which is unfortunate for the animals who are rescued. They are quickly transferred and almost hard to manage.

Shelter personnel try their best, but it is hard to prevent the spread of these illnesses. They are even passed on via the air they breathe.

When Mickey’s foster father, Ryan, saw she was having trouble breathing, he quickly phoned the rescue organisation.

Mickey and her kittens were transported to the vet to get the care they need. She was taken from her children right away, but it was too late. Her infants had already caught the illness from drinking her milk.

Mickey’s children were placed in emergency foster care and were bottle-fed, tube-fed, and treated for their illness.

However, it was insufficient. They were just two days old when they died as they didn’t have their mother’s milk to help build up their immune systems.

Mickey was put on an IV and given a lot of medicine to keep her alive. She was in the ICU for a week, and her survival was seen as a miracle. But as soon as Mickey woke up, it was evident to everybody that she was desperately unhappy and missing her kittens.

There was then a call to the rescue center, stating that there was a litter of four abandoned black and white kittens that had been abandoned by their mother. Possibly, this is just what Mickey was looking for!

Mickey and the orphaned kittens were reunited by the volunteers, and all of them were instantly attracted to one another.

Mama Mickey started licking her new babies, who seemed to be remarkably similar to her own kittens, and the kittens began to eat themselves.

Mickey and her new kittens are doing well and are interacting as though they are all part of one huge happy family.

Take a look at the video:

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When a mother cat loses all of her kittens, she miraculously finds and adopts an abandoned litter of kittens…
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