This severely injured cat’s life changes dramatically after… Tap below to know more about his story…

A black-and-white cat with two broken legs and an eye injury was apparently abandoned at a rest area off I-95 in Connecticut.

After being left inside a cat carrier at a Connecticut rest stop beside a busy highway on Jan. 24, a cat is on the road.

New Canaan Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm, who participated in the cat’s rescue, says, was alerted that the kitty had been found abandoned at a rest stop near Interstate 95 in Darien by state police officers.

Highway, a black-and-white feline named by rescuers, had two broken legs and trauma to one eye and was abandoned with these ailments, according to veterinarians.

“The poor guy,” Halm said in an interview with the Hartford Courant. “When I arrived, he was quite quiet and somber.”

According to Halm, New Canaan Animal Control contacted the Norwalk-based Pets Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) for help with “the considerable medical attention” needed to preserve Highway.

Highway will need surgery to repair his injuries, including the implantation of metal plates in his front legs and the removal of his burst eye, according to Ellen Simmonds, executive director of PAWS.

According to Simmonds’ statement to the publication, PAWS veterinarians suspect Highway’s eye was “punctured with a sharp item.”

Highway maintains his gentle attitude and personality despite his extensive injuries, she said. “He’s a wonderful kitty who will undoubtedly find a forever home. Highway has a very different and rewarding life ahead of him, thanks to the State Police and New Canaan Animal Control’s prompt thought and action.”

The surgery for the cat’s eye will take place on Wednesday. Highway has “a long road ahead of him” as he recovers from his injuries, she told the Advocate.

He remains a nice and trustworthy animal, despite the alleged maltreatment, Halm tells.

Both Halm and PAWS are hoping for a donation to help pay for the cat’s impending surgery and rehabilitation.

“Highway is a truly wonderful guy,” the shelter stated on Facebook on Tuesday, “despite everything he has gone through, he still craves love and attention.”

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This severely injured cat’s life changes dramatically after… Tap below to know more about his story…
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