This is the sweetest argument between an annoyed baby and her dog friend… Watch the lovely video below…

If you have a dog, you’re well aware that we do some pretty amusing things when they’re around. Each dog has its own personality, and if we had our way, each dog would also have its own voice.

In fact, making up a phony voice for our beloved dogs and speaking for them, almost as if we were having a conversation, is not uncommon. We may even discover that we are doing the same thing with a human infant in the family. We’re starved for conversation!

Dogs may not be able to communicate with us in the same way that humans can, but that does not imply they are unaware of what is going on around them. The same may be true for babies, who appear to take up on things far faster than adults.

When you hear a dialogue between a small baby and a dog, those facts come together in a very unusual and lovely way. It happened one day while a mother was around, and she realized she needed to record it and share it.

When an argument erupted, her daughter, Zoe, was sitting near Pele, the dog. It’s the baby-speaking dog and the dog-speaking baby, according to the mother. Whatever it was, it was amusing to witness.

We can also sympathize with the small kid, who appears to be having a difficult day. The dog also appears agitated, which is akin to having a match and a can of gasoline in your hand.

The dog sits by, almost as if he is waiting for the small girl to end her tantrum on the floor. When Zoe stops talking, Pele picks up. We’re not sure if he’s trying to make her feel better or just trying to get a word in.

Pele is lounging on the couch, and Zoe might want to take his place. The talk continues without it being evident what they are saying, but it is clear that Pele is becoming irritated.

Pele will mock Zoe whenever she speaks something. Any child will tell you that this is the worst thing a sibling can do to them.

We’re not sure what was said here, but one thing is for certain: we’re pleased mom opted to pick up her phone and record one amazing discussion.

Watch the adorable video here:

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This is the sweetest argument between an annoyed baby and her dog friend… Watch the lovely video below…
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