This rescue kitten is cute and special, as he has born with… Tap below to know what…

A “really lovely” kitten with four additional toes has been born.

Fingle, who is in the care of Cats Protection in Somerset, has five toes on each paw, giving him a total of twenty toes.

The kitten’s polydactyl feature is assumed to have been passed down from his father and uncle, who both possessed extra toes.

Fingle and his siblings were looked after by carers who stated his extra toes helped him climb his favorite scratching post.

“We only need to be careful about his bedding because he gets his claws hooked in towels, so he requires a soft fleece blanket,” said Ann Manners, joint co-ordinator at the Taunton & Wellington branch of the organization.

Fingle, along with two brothers and a sister, was born on February 4th.

Ms. Manners explained, “Fingle is the only polydactyl in the litter.”

“He is taller than his brothers and has always been the first to achieve most tasks, albeit walking was more by chance than judgment because he mixed up his paws.

“Following an airborne ambush and kitten play, the kittens spend time following one another. They’re like lambs, leaping into the air and running around aimlessly.”

Although the hereditary disorder is rare, polydactyl cats can be found all across the UK, and the additional digits are usually harmless to them.

Fingle, his siblings, and his mother have all been reserved and will be neutered before going to their new homes.

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This rescue kitten is cute and special, as he has born with… Tap below to know what…
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