A guy who earlier said that he “didn’t want pets” ultimately gave in on his wedding day…

Kaylee Schmidt and her fiancé, Orion Metheny, had been together for five years and were planning their wedding. Aside from that, there was just one big source of disagreement between them: Metheny had never been a lover of pets.

Metheny liked animals but was unsure whether or not he would want any of his own. Schmidt, on the other hand, had grown up with cats and was dreading the prospect of leaving her beloved family cat Nala behind when they married.

Her fiancé, on the other hand, had a plan, which she was completely unaware of.

“He realized I was unhappy to be leaving Nala,” Schmidt — now Schmidt-Metheny — told The Dodo. “When we got married, I said that I wanted a cat. He recognized how much pleasure a cat would provide me and how much easier the transition would be. As a result, the wedding day seemed like the perfect moment.”

When Metheny learned about a small cat that had been abandoned and found roaming about their neighborhood, he assumed it was destiny. He chose to adopt the tiny kitten, which he later named Chloe, and give her to his future wife on their wedding day. When he told their photographer, Megan O’Dell of Wild and Wonderful Photography, about his plan, he couldn’t have been more excited.

On the wedding day, O’Dell prepared the couple for their “first look” photos, which would let them to see each other dressed up before the ceremony. While she waited, O’Dell told Schmidt-Metheny that Metheny had a surprise for her.

“I have to confess that a part of me longed for an animal,” Schmidt-Metheny said, “but I didn’t think it would happen.” “In the past, when we discussed getting a cat, Orion looked skeptical. Plus, while I was still turned around, I couldn’t hear any critters making sounds, so I figured the surprise was something else.”

Schmidt-Metheny eventually turned around and saw her fiancé holding Chloe, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I suppose my first words were, ‘Shut up!'” — Schmidt-Metheny said, “I was really taken aback and couldn’t comprehend he was holding a cat. Then I started crying because I realized this was our kitten that we were going to keep!”

Schmidt-Metheny was overjoyed to have a kitten to start their new life with, and little Chloe seemed to be just as thrilled.

Following the photos, the pair briefly separated from Chloe in order to marry, but they were overjoyed to welcome her home and start their new life with her later. Chloe has adjusted well to her new surroundings, and her parents can’t imagine life without her.

Schmidt-Metheny described her as “overjoyed.” “She’s been a great addition to our tiny family!” says Orion.

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A guy who earlier said that he “didn’t want pets” ultimately gave in on his wedding day…
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