A volunteer lady teaches cats some special skills to help them get adopted… Check out the photos to see how…

Monesia Greene, a foster mom for Best Friends in Atlanta, has begun teaching her foster cats to talk via recordable buttons.

Monesia Greene is a cat whisperer who is presently teaching cats to communicate with one another.

The animal enthusiast volunteers with Best Friends Animal Society’s Atlanta division, routinely fostering cats from the rescue and assisting with adoption events, according to the organization.

Greene teaches enriching new skills to the felines she fosters in order to help them find homes. Greene has recently begun utilizing a customisable soundboard with recordable buttons to teach her foster cats to “speak.”

“Monesia has the ability to communicate with cats. She has adopted a number of frightened cats, many of them have shown significant progress in a short period of time “About the exceptional volunteer, Megan Matchett, a supervisor at Best Friends in Atlanta, remarked.

Tabby cat with a shy personality Greene’s first foster cat, Ripley, has benefited from his language training. Ripley was a gorgeous but nervous cat who was not confident around new circumstances and people when Greene first took in the adoptable pet over six months ago.

Ripley gradually became accustomed to physical attention, associating with other cats, and emerging from her shell with the support of Greene and her husband. Ripley made significant progress with the couple’s assistance, but she remained hesitant in new situations, making it difficult for her to captivate potential adopters.

After seeing canines learn to interact with the recordable buttons, Greene began training Ripley to use the soundboard to help her stand out and show off the kind, clever cat she is. The volunteer purchased six recordable buttons with the intention of teaching Ripley the words “treats” and “pets,” two of the cat’s favorite things.

By placing food or pets in front of the soundboard and pressing the proper button, Greene taught Ripley the meanings of each button. Ripley immediately realized that the buttons were linked to things she enjoyed, and she began pressing them to request sweets and pets for herself.

After Ripley’s success with two buttons, Greene added “play” for and “pick up” to his soundboard, which the kitty also learned. Ripley’s talents and ability to communicate through the buttons drew adopters, and she was soon reunited with her forever family. Momma Cat, another of Greene’s foster cats, was also able to find a home using the same approach.

Greene is now excited to use this form of training to assist and entertain future foster kitties.

“One of the best things about the recordable buttons is that you can customize them to fit each cat’s own personality,” Greene added.

“It created a passion in me,” she continued.

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A volunteer lady teaches cats some special skills to help them get adopted… Check out the photos to see how…
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