This California cat who was missing for 7 years reunited with the owners thanks to… Tap below to know the details…

“We like reuniting animals with their rightful owners,” said John Welsh of Riverside County Animal Services on reuniting Ebi with her family.

A California cat has been reunited with her owner, who now resides in Bearden, Tennessee, after seven years apart.

When owner Joe Drnec received a call from an animal shelter in Jurupa Valley, California, he was shocked to learn that his beloved cat, Ebi, had been found. Ebi had strayed off and never returned home when Drnec resided in California.

“We didn’t think we’d ever see her again. This is a truly incredible story “According to a Riverside County Animal Services Facebook post, Drnec stated.

John Welsh, the chief of Riverside County Animal Services, traveled from Southern California to Tennessee to return Ebi, an 8-year-old short-haired cat, to her owner after using Ebi’s microchip to identify the pet’s owner.

Lost for a long time Someone located Ebi in downtown Riverside, not far from where she went missing and took her to Riverside County Animal Services.

Welsh told WATE, “We appreciate getting animals back to their original owners, even if they’re half the nation away or more than half the country away, so it’s just wonderful.”

According to the site, he paid for the trip because the shelter is unable to use taxpayer funds for personal pets.

“It took some time for us to figure out what we were going to do with this cat and how we were going to get him back to Knoxville. ‘Can I do this?’ I asked my wife when it came to the logistics “He went on to explain.

Welsh and Ebi took out from Ontario, California, on Feb. 16 and landed in Nashville, Tennessee. After that, they proceeded to Bearden, Tennessee, for the reunion.

Ebi was adopted by Drnec and his wife Leanna from Riverside, California’s Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. She was mostly an indoor cat, but she began to like spending time outside.

According to a Riverside County Animal Services social media post, “she just went crazy at the door, always wanting to go outdoors.” “Eventually, she evolved into an indoor-outdoor cat.”

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This California cat who was missing for 7 years reunited with the owners thanks to… Tap below to know the details…
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