Luke and Leah, two street kittens, were abandoned in a park… Tap here to watch their video…

Sergey lives in Moscow, and in his spare time, he devotes his efforts to the care of stray cats and kittens in his immediate area.

When he was out in the park putting out food for the cats, he came across two little kittens who were all by themselves. He noticed that they were hiding under the benches and decided to put some food out for them.

He noticed that they were both shivering from the cold and that they were not afraid of him at all while they were eating. According to Sergey, these kittens were not feral; they were very clean, implying that they were abandoned by an uncaring human.

This is a common occurrence in Russia, with over 100,000 stray cats roaming the streets of Moscow alone. Sergey decided to take the kittens home after searching the area for other kittens and not finding any.

When he returned home, he placed the kittens in a cage, where they would remain until he was satisfied that they were healthy and capable of using the litter tray.

Due to the names Luke and Leah, Sergey must have been a fan of the Star Wars franchise. At first, the siblings were suspicious of Sergey and their surroundings, but they soon warmed up to him and their surroundings.

It didn’t take long before he found someone who was interested in adopting Leah, who happened to be a vet assistant from the local clinic. Luke was greatly affected by this because he was not accustomed to being alone.

It was heartbreaking to see him flipping out in his cage, so Sergey made certain he received plenty of extra attention. As soon as Luke was out of his cage, we put him in the bathroom, where he could finally have a large space to play in and explore.

There was only one drawback: cleaning Sergey’s teeth in the mornings was a difficult task! Luke soon outgrew his bathroom, and he was introduced to the rest of the apartment, as well as the other cats who lived there.

Luke quickly found a good home with Sergey, and it didn’t take long for him to rise to the position of king of the house; the power of that kitty is undeniably strong!

Watch the video here:

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Luke and Leah, two street kittens, were abandoned in a park… Tap here to watch their video…
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