A bull can’t stop dancing the moment he is set free… Watch the amazing rescue video below…

We are fortunate in that we still understand what it is like to live in freedom and liberty. A bull by the name of Bandit, on the other hand, does not. For his whole existence, he was confined to a cage and never allowed to venture outside, never even getting a chance to smell the fresh grass. After years of living in a cage with little hope of escape, a guy came to take him out of his isolation.

Bandit’s plight is more than a story; it depicts the horrific fate of animals who spend their lives in meat markets or chains. Many of them die without ever having known freedom, demonstrating yet again that animal mistreatment is never acceptable. We should thank Christan, a compassionate animal activist. When he learned of Bandit’s situation, he devised a scheme to save him and his buddies. A moving viral video caught the moment the bull believed to have been imprisoned for his whole life was released from a tiny steel pen. And he was taken aback by his reactions!

In the film, which has received more than 30 million views, you can see Christan riding in a truck to the packed, desolate barn where Bandit was kept captive. When the man walked through the door, Bandit could tell he was not a threat right away. The bull looked him in the eyes and began to delicately lick the palm of his hand.

As we all can see, Christian removed the shackles from Bandit’s feet, and it was a beautiful and emotional experience.

This energetic animal bucked his legs with excitement and exuberance, as though rehearsing a non-stop “dance of freedom.” It was evident that the bull had been re-energized. You may see it here:

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A bull can’t stop dancing the moment he is set free… Watch the amazing rescue video below…
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