Melvin the rescue cat finds love at first sight despite his lack of eyes… Tap below to know his life story…

Melvin the cat now has his own Instagram account, where you can follow him as he travels the globe.

Melvin, a gentleman of a cat, was diagnosed with microphthalmia when he arrived at Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center in Los Angeles, California.

This eye condition, which also affects people, causes the eyes to grow unusually small and has a negative impact on eyesight. This discrepancy did not deter Melvin and Best Friends Animal Society from finding the feline a home.

Melvin’s presence was announced to the shelter, and Jackie Gudgel was informed. She paid a visit to the kitty at the facility after falling for Melvin’s “cute” image.

Gudgel admired Melvin in purrson as well, but she decided she needed more time to consider adopting the cat so she and her partner Ellison could be sure they were ready to care for a visually-impaired pet.

Melvin had his eyeballs removed while the pair evaluated him, a decision Best Friends made to assist reduce the suffering the cat was feeling as a result of his condition.

Melvin recovered at home with Samantha Bell DiGenova, the adoption center’s cat behavior, and enrichment lead, after the operation. Melvin began to investigate his new surroundings as he began to feel better. In just a few days, the eyeless cat learned to traverse DiGenova’s home with the help of his whiskers.

Melvin’s growth was documented by DiGenova on Instagram. When Gudgel saw these updates, she realized she wanted Melvin in her life for the rest of her life.

“He had the same expressiveness in his face when I met him again,” she told Best Friends. “The operation didn’t make much of a difference to him, and it didn’t make a difference to me either. He was just as adorable as ever.”

Melvin has moved in with Gudgel and now has his own Instagram page where the rest of the world may follow his adventures.

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Melvin the rescue cat finds love at first sight despite his lack of eyes… Tap below to know his life story…
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