An almost blind cat finds a forever home in 400 mile… Tab below to know how…

Isn’t this the cutest little kitten you’ve ever seen?

After a couple fell in love with him over the internet, this kitten who was nearly blinded by cat flu has found a new home on the opposite side of the country.

Bear was just about three months old when he came to the Blue Cross’s Ipswich center “in an atrocious state.”

A couple from Somerset found him on the charity’s website and decided they had to adopt him despite his malformed eyelids and impaired vision.

He is finally settled with them after many months and a 400-mile journey.

When Bear came in December, he could scarcely see owing to sores in his eyes, and his inner eyelids had fused together. According to the Blue Cross, he required two operations to save his vision.

He can only see partially now, and his eyelids are distorted.

Tara Newton and Luke Thomas from Yeovil, on the other hand, were not frightened off by his unconventional appearance.

“We wanted to provide a home to a disabled cat because so many people overlook them,” Ms. Newton explained.

“When I first spotted Bear on the website, I knew we had to get him. He appeared to be a wonderful young man, and he is.”

So they drove the 400 miles (645 kilometers) round trip to Suffolk, and Bear was settled into his new home approximately seven hours later.

Because his tear ducts are malformed, he still needs daily eye drops and a morning and night eye bath.

Bear will also need to be closely monitored in the future because the cat flu that caused his issues – caused by the feline herpes virus – is incurable and will stay in his body for the rest of his life, according to the animal charity.

Ms Newton added, “He is extremely kind and affectionate.”

“It’s incredible that you can go through so much at such a young age and still be so friendly.”

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An almost blind cat finds a forever home in 400 mile… Tab below to know how…
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