This is what happens when you hire a photographer to watch over your cat…

Have you ever asked someone to take care of your cat while you’re gone? Miranda McDonald did so anyway. She requested her photographer friend Josell Mariano to look after her favorite cat, a blue tabby called Jade, while she went on a two-month musical tour. She already knew they got along well, so knowing Jade would be in good hands was reassuring.

But she had no idea how well they would get along. Josell not only took excellent care of Jade, but he also surprised Miranda with a picture session of her favorite cat upon her return.

“My friend is  a photographer for singers, and she went on tour for two months, so I had Jade during that time,” Josell said. She is so sweet! She climbs on the bed every morning for pets and hugs, and she does the same at night when we go to bed. She spends the remainder of the day following me from room to room, generally sleeping in a sunbeam. Loud sounds, gentle noises, quick motions, and gradual movements are all things that worry her.”

“I adore cats!” he said. “I like animals in general, but cats are particularly appealing since they feel like a fuzzy roommate (and much cuter). They usually look after themselves, but they’re happy to keep you company while you watch TV or do anything else.”

Enjoy the photos below:

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