You will get amazed by why this couple left their jobs… Click on the link below to know…

A pair has quit their 9-to-5 jobs to work as professional pet sitters, constantly traveling about and looking after other people’s pets.

Chris, 32, and Suze, 29, both from Kent, decided to leave their jobs and travel around the UK and Europe, staying in people’s homes and looking after their furry friends.

Because the couple does not have a regular residence, they alternate between house sits around the country – and have even traveled to Berlin and Stockholm to care for people’s dogs.

Chris and Suze have stayed at 89 houses and cared for around 220 animals, including 120 dogs, 60 cats, and a flock of alpacas, over the last four years.

‘We lived in a city flat where we couldn’t have our own dog,’ Suze explains.

‘Because we wanted pets, we started walking other people’s dogs.’ We then chose to full-time pet and house sit in order to figure out what kind of pets we wanted and where we wanted to live.’

After falling in love with the lifestyle, Chris and Suze realized they could earn a living from it and started their own company, charging a nominal fee to cover living expenses.

However, the couple does a lot more than walk dogs, and they frequently find themselves caring for unusual animals.

Chris says, “We’ve looked after hundreds of animals, including alpacas, lambs, poultry, guinea fowl, and even ducks.”

‘We’ve also had the opportunity to live a variety of lifestyles — one week we’re looking after a dog in a busy city, the next we’re on the Dorset coast.’

‘It simply goes to show that there isn’t just one way of living,’ Suze continues, ‘and it’s fascinating to see how many varied lives there are in the UK.’

Chris and Suze enjoy their new lifestyle, but they concede it is not as stress-free as some may believe.

‘Sometimes we stay at houses for a day or two, and other times it may be a number of weeks,’ Chris explains,’so we have to plan ahead a lot.’

‘If there’s nowhere to stay for a night or two, we’ll have to rely on hotels, Air BnB, and family or friends in the neighborhood.’

Suze adds that there is a lot of paperwork involved since the couple is continually planning their next trip.

She continues, ‘Walking dogs and feeding animals is basically our day job.

‘Everything balances out financially since the money we make goes back into running the car and on our travels.’

‘We gave up a lot of things for this, and it’s not for everyone – notably individuals who are used to going out every night and thus can’t devote the time to the pets in their care – who may find it difficult to adjust to this lifestyle.’

The couple said they’d like to acquire a camper van in the future so they can keep traveling and go even further.

‘The pets and household obligations always come first for us,’ Suze says.

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You will get amazed by why this couple left their jobs… Click on the link below to know…
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