A pregnant cat was rescued by a pregnant woman and… Click on the link below to know their interesting connection…

Lauren Maners is a woman who is always willing to lend a helping hand to animals in distress. She volunteers at animal shelters and fosters animals until they find their forever homes. Lauren, on the other hand, opted to take a hiatus when she became pregnant. That is, until she and her husband came across Dove, a sweet white cat.

Lauren noticed that, in addition to being wounded, Dove was also expecting a child. Lauren realized she couldn’t abandon the cat, so she chose to foster her. She took her in, and raised her without hesitation. They grew closer and were wonderful friends. They discovered that Dove’s puppies were healthy and that she would give birth around the same time as Lauren after trips to the veterinarian. That is exactly what occurred. Lauren and her newborn daughter Kylie went home to find Dove had given birth to six lovely kittens.

Lauren and her husband were both ecstatic to welcome their new baby into the world, but Lauren’s pregnancy was rough: “I had a difficult pregnancy where I suffered from extreme illness and had to be induced owing to difficulties.” Plus, having a baby during Covid’s peak.”

Lauren has a sizable social media following. She chronicles her entire life, from the start of her love with Kainan Maners, through their marriage, to their pregnancy, and eventually to the birth of their daughter Kylie. It’s really nice and enjoyable to watch such a happy and lively family go about their daily life.

Lauren tells us more about how she found Dove and why she decided to foster her: “I and my husband found Dove extremely skinny and injured on the side of the road. I tried to locate her owners, but was told she was a stray who had been feeding out of a local cafe’s dumpster for over a year. All of our no-kill shelters were full, and I couldn’t abandon her with the knowledge that she would have to care for her children in the wild.”

Lauren exemplifies what it means to have a strong affinity for animals. Lauren accepted Dove into her house, even though she was pregnant and close to her due date, and gave her all the love and comfort she needed. She received the same in return. Their friendship was incredible. They didn’t abandon each other. That is what a motherly bond accomplishes.

Lauren and Dove became fast friends and were there for one other throughout their pregnancies, spending practically all of their time together.

Soon Lauren gave birth to a little baby girl

When they went home, they discovered Dove had also given birth to kittens. It’s possible that they both gave birth at the same time.

“I’m not sure if we gave birth on the same day; all I know is that when I got home from the hospital with my kid, Dove had given birth as well.” Dove and her children are now doing well. They were all thoroughly vetted and rehomed, and now live luxurious indoor lives.”

All of the kittens were born healthy and happy, and they stayed with the family for several months. They had a great time with Lauren’s baby, Kylie.

Lauren made certain that Dove and her kittens were placed in wonderful and loving new homes.

Dove currently resides with Lauren’s friend, and the kittens are also close by, so the family can pay them a visit whenever they want.

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A pregnant cat was rescued by a pregnant woman and… Click on the link below to know their interesting connection…
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