This is a cat who makes friends with delivey men… Check out the photos to know why, it’s hilarious…

Cat owners will agree that you normally have to earn a cat’s respect and affection over time. This cat named Tuna, on the other hand, proves us all wrong by showing kindness to people she doesn’t know, particularly the deliverymen who give services to her owners. Photographs and security cameras have captured her deeds of friendliness.

Tuna the cat even has her own Instagram account, where she flaunts her snarky attitude. The furry influencer’s photographs are complemented by amusing commentary, and the account has over a thousand followers.

Tuna’s owner says: “When she was a kitten, we were only babysitting her for a friend, and they never returned her.” She is approximately 6 years old. We were working from home a lot more and ordering a lot of deliveries when the pandemic hit, so her sleep schedule altered and she would wait outside for delivery people! We keep a close eye on her and never let her out when we aren’t at home. She is a people person!”

The 6-year-old cat is always waiting for delivery persons outside and allowing them to pet her.

Tuna’s owner remarked, “Before we started letting her outside, it was her life’s mission to ruin everything we owned.” “Right around 5 a.m., to be precise.” She doesn’t seem to have those tendencies anymore now that she gets her supervised outside time and spends the rest of the day napping or lying around near us. Every night, she wakes us up by meowing about 5-6 a.m., but she eventually gives up and hugs us till we get up.”

Tuna is probably wishing she had opposable thumbs so she could bring everything inside.

Tuna appears to be an adventurous cat in general based on her Instagram page.

She gets on well with other animals too, not only people

And here’s Tuna with her owner

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This is a cat who makes friends with delivey men… Check out the photos to know why, it’s hilarious…
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