The dog with the legs pointed out in the air gets a lot of support… Tap below to know details…

For a long time, her family has been anxiously trying to find a solution to her problem, and they may have finally found one.

Rexi is a joyful and affectionate puppy who is full of energy and loves to play. She does, however, require our assistance at this time. When she was 10 weeks old, she began limping, so her parents rushed her to the veterinarian, assuming she had twisted her legs. However, X-rays revealed that she had not twisted her legs. She soon lost all use of her front legs, and physicians diagnosed her with a neurological disease that causes them to point skyward in the air.

Doctors proposed putting her down or at the very least amputating her front legs since they couldn’t find a solution to her ailment. Rexi’s humans, on the other hand, refuse to do either. They believe Rexi isn’t in any pain, and her legs appear to be moving, so they’re hopeful for a cure.

They’ve been working hard to make things simpler for her, and they’re not giving up. She drags herself around using only her rear legs and sliding on her chest because she can’t walk normally. This has caused her chest to hurt, so her humans bought her a protective vest.

They also ordered her a special wheelchair, but it ended up being more of a hindrance than an aid. Rexi’s wheelchair flipped upside down whenever she ran, and her people stopped using it because they didn’t want her to be wounded anymore.

Rexi, who is about a year old, is still playing and full of energy. Her humans recently decided to open a GoFundMe page to be able to find a specialist that can fix Rexi’s legs, or at least to find a company or an engineer that can design a device to help her move around. They raised nearly $11,000 out of a $10,000 goal in just four days. They mentioned they might have located a doctor who can fix Rexi’s legs in the recent post.

“We never expected to receive so much support.” It makes us happy to know that people are concerned about our one-of-a-kind canine. We’ll spend every dime we have to find a cure for Rexi’s illness. We appreciate your ongoing support and will keep you informed about Rexi’s condition.”

We sincerely hope that Rexi will recuperate and that we will be able to provide you with a pleasant report on her new travels shortly.

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The dog with the legs pointed out in the air gets a lot of support… Tap below to know details…
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