A cat adopts a human on the street being sick and malnourished… Read on about their story below…

We pet owners all have a heartwarming adoption story to tell, and we all have a different one to tell. Picking up pets from shelters or rescuing them from the streets: we all have a pet, and as animal lovers, we enjoy reading about them all. Those adoption stories in which pets are the ones who adopt their humans, on the other hand, are by far our favorite type of adoption story.

Just something so heartwarming about a pet choosing you make my heart melt. In addition, let’s be honest, it’s even more heartwarming when a cat chooses a human to adopt from. After all, we all know that it takes time to build trust between humans and cats. This cat, on the other hand, knew exactly which human it was after, and, fortunately for everyone, the cat was able to secure the forever home he desired with the human that he chose.

“Last Friday night, at 2 a.m., George discovered me in an alley. Starved and malnourished, he cries out for help to me. However, they are always pleasant.”

“I started out by simply bringing him some milk and deli meat to his office. He graciously accepted the offer.”

“Because he was so affectionate, I decided to bring him inside for the night. I put him in the bathroom and plugged in a nightlight for him to sleep better at night. It was my intention that he did not become lonely, so I gathered some pillows and blankets and set up camp in the bathroom with him. He showed his appreciation for my generosity by giving me cuddles. Yes, I did check him for fleas before bringing him into the house.”

“The following day, I returned him to the alley to allow him to find his… whatever. And despite the fact that we had walked for two blocks in search of his house, he never signaled or acted as if he knew where he was. He accompanied me all the way back to my apartment.”

“I put up some flyers around town and posted in a few different Facebook groups. No one has come forward to claim him as their own.”

“George is always 4 feet away from me at all times… eating, sleeping, working, showering, he just wants to be near me and loved,” says the author.

“I should have made a bigger desk!” says the author.

“He enjoys holding hands with other people. I’m assuming he’s 8-10 months old, and he’s still acting in a very kittenish manner. After conducting extensive research, I discovered that he is an oriental tabby cat. It’s an interesting breed!”

“He’ll have to get used to road trips anyway if he’s going to live with me, so I figured why not? So we got in the car and drove away. Had no problems driving around with me and running errands. This weekend is the first day of leash training!”

“I have a fear…. I’m taking him to the vet on Friday. Is he chipped? Was he dumped as a result of a medical condition? Is he suffering from a medical condition? As much as I’d like to see him reunited with his family, I’ve grown to care for him and believe he is exactly what I need in my life at this time.

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A cat adopts a human on the street being sick and malnourished… Read on about their story below…
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