This rescue kitten went through a bad mouth injury and fought for a good future… Click on the link below to see if she could…

Not all animals are created equal. Some people are born with flaws, such as the cat who was born with two noses and is twice as beautiful as the average cat. Some people acquire their flaws as a result of traumatic experiences, such as the dog who lost half her face in a dogfight; it was a traumatic experience, but she is now happy and thriving. These types of imperfect pets have a difficult time finding homes, despite the fact that they, arguably, require them more than most.

Ethan’s story has a tragic beginning and a happy conclusion. The kitten was rescued from the streets of Dubai and was in critical condition when he was discovered. Because he is truly thriving now, it is impossible to imagine what happened to him back then when you look at him. Despite the fact that he is different and will remain so indefinitely, he has found a forever home and is content, and so are we.

Early in the year 2020, a woman named Begüm Hürer discovered Ethan in a parking lot in Germany. He was suffering from a severe infected mouth injury and he reeked to high heaven. It became clear to the woman and her husband that they could no longer bear to watch the kitten perish. They decided to take action. Ethan was only four months old at the time of the incident.

“She discovered him to be severely malnourished and in a terrible state,” said Silke, who later became Ethan’s mother. While driving him to the veterinarian, she and her husband had to open all of the windows in the car because his entire mouth was infected and his breath smelled so bad and foul that they had to open all of the windows.”

It was the compassion that the woman and her husband demonstrated that ultimately resulted in Ethan’s survival. They took Ethan to a veterinarian, who determined that the kitten had gotten into a power cable and needed to be removed. His injury had deteriorated to the point where a portion of his mouth had fallen out while at the veterinarian’s office. That’s just a guess, though, because no one knows for certain what happened to Ethan.

“Who knows what this poor baby has been through?” says the narrator. Ethan’s family posted a message on Instagram. “My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the kind woman who found him and took him to the vet, refusing to turn a blind eye when she realized how much he needed it. And that he is currently enjoying a happy life with us.”

Ethan was not expected to survive, according to the veterinarian. He had to have all of his teeth extracted, but he survived, and his health began to improve slowly but steadily after that. Eventually, he was ready to be placed in a family.

Silke was scrolling through Facebook posts from a group that helps cats from the United Arab Emirates find new homes, 4,000 miles away from where she was. She fell head over heels in love with Ethan right away, and soon after, she boarded a 7-hour flight to Frankfurt to pick him up.

Despite the fact that Ethan had a difficult start, he is doing exceptionally well today. The date of his rescue on December 26, 2021 marked one year since his rescue. Of course, an injury of that nature will have long-term ramifications for the victim.

He finds it difficult to eat dry food at times, but he has otherwise become completely accustomed to it. He enjoys the same activities as any other cat, such as playing, watching birds, and napping.

Silke named the kitten Ethan after the character Ethan Hunt from the film Mission Impossible, which includes scenes shot in the United Arab Emirates. With his new forever family and his Instagram followers, Ethan has become one of the most adored and lavishly spoiled kittens in history, receiving toys, a cat tree, and unending affection from both.

He is enjoying his life, and we are delighted to witness it.

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This rescue kitten went through a bad mouth injury and fought for a good future… Click on the link below to see if she could…
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